We are experts in import and export from the beautiful Port of Hamburg for over 30 years.
Our assortment consists of over 500 products from the return case and the range residual items, special items, inventory overhangs as well as insolvency or bankruptcy commodity.

With Next Level Energy , we launched our own Premium Energy Drink. Thanks global business partners, Next Level Energy is already being offered internationally.​

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We take care

Takeover of goods​

PATLand Handels GmbH specializes in taking over, processing, and marketing goods of all kinds for production companies, freight forwarders & importers, as well as banks & insurance companies.

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Return service

Discover our first-class returns service for non-food items: We retrieve your goods from your customers' central warehouses and carefully prepare them for resale. We count, sort and repack for you. This allows you to put a large part of the returned quantity directly back into circulation and redeliver it.

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We are wholesalers in import and export and offer you attractive products to expand your range.
In addition to our own brand Next Level - a new Premium Energy Drink.

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We'll take care of your worries!
Thanks to our many years of experience in a wide variety of industries and by means of efficient logistics, we can offer you comprehensive problem solutions. We guarantee that your inquiries will be processed quickly and reliably. 

Andreas Köhn   • Managing Director

Takeover of goods - What we offer​

Production companies

Acquisition, processing and marketing of your goods

  • Goods that are no longer in the current assortment or have been discontinued (e.g. due to outdated packaging)

  • Goods that no longer have a guarantee

  • Goods that were produced for special occasions with a special presentation (packaging design and content) and are no longer available

  • Seasonal goods that are no longer requested in time

  • Broken or slightly damaged goods that can no longer be passed on to the customer

Freight forwarders & Importers

Efficient and flexible handling of your inventory

  • Goods that can no longer be delivered to the recipient

  • Goods that the recipient refused to accept

  • Goods that are no longer taken back by the manufacturer

  • Goods that have been damaged in daily business operations

  • Remaining quantities from stocks that are no longer available on the market

  • Goods where sales are difficult and slow

Insurance & banks

Buying and selling your goods from insurance cases and bankruptcies

  • Damaged goods as a result of truck accidents or container damage from overseas

  • Selling items that have become unusable due to fire or water damage

  • Goods that are no longer in perfect condition due to storage damage

  • Goods from bankruptcy and settlement applications that you can no longer sell

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Return service - What we offer

Return service

Transfer, preparation and sale of returned goods

Das können wir unseren Kunden bieten 

  • Sort, count, pack, repack

  • Experience with Norma and Netto Markendiscount
  • 100% recycled cardboard
  • Transports
  • Goods takeover of non-food articles
  • Sale packaging damage
  • Sale remaining stocks 
  • Goods receipt documentation 
  • Evaluation report

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Wholesale - What we offer​


Expansion of your product range

We can offer that to our customers  

  • Over 100 changing brand items from the non-food and food sectors

  • Over 500 permanently available articles from the wide range of lighting technology

  • Residual items at fair market prices

  • We deliver the articles in any desired size and depending on the requirements to the branch

  • We deliver from a value of goods of € 700 plus freight (free shipping in Germany from
    € 750). Deliveries abroad are possible by arrangement

  • Receive customized quotes and request your list of offers using the contact form

  • We accept orders by fax or email. You can also use our contact form contact frorm

Our Projects​

Next Level Energy​

Our own brand “Next Level”, which we filled both as a classic energy drink and in the alcoholic mix version, as a vodka mix in German production facilities “Made in Germany”, is available in various export versions, as 250ml and 500ml cans and also offer them as own brands. For our export customers, we are currently filling more than 50 million cans per year and we look forward to welcoming you as a future customer. Creating the highest level of customer satisfaction as the foundation of successful business relationships is the top priority of our company.

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Duracell, EZ-Solar, Maximus, Eazyuse

Due to our strong relationship with the licensed brands Duracell, EZ-Solar, Maximus, Eazyuse, we currently exclusively process the returns of these brands from the areas of lighting technology, outdoor, indoor, LED lighting, LED light chains and 230V floodlights, as well as low-voltage garden lighting and batteries. We receive returns from the various retail sectors, as well as items with the old layouts and from the stores and central warehouses. These articles, but also regular products from these segments, we can offer to our B2B customers for sales promotion.


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