Discover our first-class returns service for non-food items: We retrieve your goods from your customers' central warehouses and carefully prepare them for resale. We count, sort and repack for you. This allows you to put a large part of the returned quantity directly back into circulation and redeliver it.


  • non-food returns from retailers
  • retail ware house to Hamburg
  • experience with Netto Markendiscount
  • experience with Norma


  • into 100% recycled cartons
  • labeling with item number and quantity
  • Handwork
  • experienced employees
  • low fluctuation
  • ​regular product training
  • ​regular training
  • ​ongoing quality controls
  • spot checks​
  • final inspections


  • by quality
  • by item
  • by location
  • nach Aktion

Resell and Warehousing

  • prepacking for next project
  • repacking due to colorbox updates
  • foil wrapped with top dust cover
  • pallets labeled by project

UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg

  • resource efficiency
  • circular economy
  • reusable systems
  • sustainable purchasing
  • environmentally conscious office
  • enegery efficiency
  • lighting refurbishment


  • photos of shipment
  • two photos of each pallet
  • references
  • PDF file for each location and shipment
  • non-compliant goods receipt


  • Artikel zählen
  • Artikel sortieren
  • Artikel verpacken
  • Colorboxen nachkleben
  • Colorboxen umpacken
  • Ware verpacken
  • Ware auszeichnen
  • Ware etikettieren
  • VEs packen (für Einzelhandelsketten)
  • Labeldesign
  • Labeldruck
  • Verkauf Produktüberhänge 
  • Verkauf Produkte veraltetes Design
  • Verkauf Speditionspfandrecht
  • Export von Produkten mit Verkaufsstopp in DE
  • Transport Organisation
  • Transport Mengen-Bündelung
  • Reverse Logsitics (Beschaffung)
  • Lagerhaltung
  • Mitarbeiter Schulungen
  • Mitarbeiter Motivation
  • Selbstabholung
  • Digitale Auskunft
  • Dokumentation jeder eingehenden Palette
  • Stammdatenblatt Generierung
  • Umweltfreundliche
  • Verpackungsoptionen
  • Nachhaltigkeitsberatung

Contact person

Dimitri Becker


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Mit Patland habe ich endlich einen Partner gefunden, dem ich vertrauen kann. Die Sortier- und Abverkaufsdienstleistungen sind erstklassig!

Martin Haferstroh - CEO von Vidis GmbH

The experience with Patland was outstanding. From start to finish, my needs and preferences were taken into account. I highly recommend Patland.

Jonas Berg Andersen - Sales Backup von SAM PARTNER A/S

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