PATLand - a Hanseatic tradition

From 2012 to today

As a successful company, it is essential to never stand still, but to reach the next level in every situation in life. We have been working in the field of import and export in the beautiful port of Hamburg for over 30 years and are firmly convinced that, alongside hard work, mutual support and trust were the keys to our success. We are grateful for all business relationships and partners who have been with us for years. Developing ourselves personally and promoting the people around us and being able to learn from one another brings us and others to the next level. At the beginning of the work with the energy drink, it quickly became clear that it was something special. The positive feedback and the demand were great and we exceeded our goals in a short time. We are now pleased that you can buy “Next Level” in many countries around the world. Success can be planned and is supported by NEXT LEVEL PREMIUM ENERGY - Made in Germany.


​With the foundation on August 1st, 2012, we can proudly look back on a long Hanseatic history. We began processing and marketing all kinds of commercial goods in the Port of Hamburg as early as the 1940s.
Since then there have been constant changes due to industrial development, especially in the port area.
PATLand Handels GmbH was able to successfully face these changes, grow from them and ultimately establish itself consistently at the Port of Hamburg.

We are today​

To adapt to these changes, or better to always be one step ahead, is one of the most important tasks for Andreas Köhn, who leads the family company in the third generation: "The increased purchase of industrial branded goods, the fine picking, and delivery, not only from constantly changing parties but also the use of the" new media ", are just some of the fundamental changes that our company has made in recent years and which we are with the leading wholesalers in the Port of Hamburg count. "Our range currently includes over 100 items from the returns or item area, which we can offer to our over 500 customers to increase the range and to increase customer frequency.

Our vision

Our most important goal is to increase the variety and attractiveness of our articles for you, whereby the priority is clearly on the procurement of high-quality branded items.
The expansion of standardized articles plays an important role. As a customer, you can help determine the composition of the product range.
We offer you the best possible service as a trading partner. You get fair and market-driven purchase prices from us

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